When should I cut my child’s hair?

Whenever you want to!  Your child does not need a haircut.  Some children have more hair when they are born and begin receiving services in their first year.  We’ve performed services on kids that are only months old!  We have some children that do not get their first haircut for years and who have long straight hair that might only need service every six months or so.  We have some kids that have a precision cut (for example, a “bob”) or a “buzz” cut that we see every few weeks.  It is entirely up to you!

Do I need to make an appointment?

We will make every effort to accommodate walk-in clients.  But we don’t want you to wait so we encourage calling to make an appointment.  Even if it is last minute, give us a call!

Who is your best stylist?

Every stylist on staff at Doolittlez has a clientele that swears that they are the best.  They are all excellent, but they do work differently.  Ask your friends who they use.  We will do everything we can to see you are satisfied and remain satisfied on every visit.  We encourage you to request your favorite stylist.

What if my child doesn’t cooperate?

We will do whatever we can to make the service a success, but it is up to you to decide whether or not to receive the service.  We have years of experience dealing with kids that do not want to get their hair cut and we can do it even if the child does not want it.  If we ever feel that your child’s safety is at risk, we will stop.  Ultimately, it is your decision.  We have some parents that hold the child on their lap while we perform the haircut.  We have some parents that are willing to hold their child’s head so that a precision cut can be completed.  It may not be pleasant, but we will not hurt them.  We are used to working with children that squirm so while you might not get a precision cut, you will get a better cut than if you were to have someone else do it that is not used to working with children.

Does my child get a shampoo service?

Our service includes a shampoo at no charge.  Most younger children and their parents are satisfied with the hair being sprayed with water.  Our stylists will offer the service when they think it is appropriate.  If you are not offered a shampoo service and you would like one, please just ask!

Does my daughter have to have sparkles?

Each of our girls’ haircuts includes braids or twists and sparkles.  Your stylist will ask if you want braids or twists.  The stylist will also ask mom or dad if it’s okay for sparkles.  We will never give sparkles without asking for permission first.